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All residential internet plans require a one-time $149.95 activation/installation fee. Internet speeds are not guaranteed and are offered at best effort. Custom business plans may include additional hardware costs.

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Where have you been my whole life! I can't say enough good things about these most infamous unknowns! I have only been with them for over a month, however, first impressions are still a valid judgement of character. I finally after a year of working with AT&T( and two accounts with them later) found a reliable source for internet. I weighed the pros and cons and decided to take the early termination fees to be rid of poor customer service and the runaround. The best thing i heard from the rep. that set me up is, " people stay with us because they want to, not because the have to", and that really resonated with me.Forefront Wireless truly gains confidence through honest product and good work.The installer that came out, Brett, was so kind and courteous, he took time to insure that my equipment worked properly before he left, was nice to the kids, and did not mind the questions and taking time to explain how everything worked with their system. A big shout out to Germaine for actually responding promptly with emails and phone calls when I had a question about my billing, that was due to a program update. If you are looking for an awesome company with great customer service and internet in Red Oak( and hopefully in your area) that have no hidden fees,gimmicks, won't hike your bill after a promotion and no b.s., give Forefront Wireless a try.
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Who is your current Internet Service Provider?
All internet plans require a one-time $149.95 activation/installation fee. Internet speeds are not guaranteed and are offered at best effort.
Customer router cannot be one provided by a previous ISP. **Purchased router includes a one-year warranty. Support provided by hardware manufacturer**. Mesh systems for homes larger than 2800 sqft begin at $249.95.
Residential phone service includes ATA adapter to work with your existing analog phone. Service includes voicemail, E911, and caller ID. Porting an existing number to our service takes 7-14 business days.
Price: $149.95
A one-time Installation/Activation charge of $149.95 is applicable to all packages. Installation consists of professional install of a roof-mounted antenna with one outside penetration. Installation/Activation along with first month’s payment are due at the conclusion of the install.
TX sales tax not included.
If your home is surrounded by trees that are taller than the roofline, our internet service may not work without a tower. Properties outside of our immediate coverage area may need a tower to access our service. If your property is in a good location and supports a large tower, Forefront Wireless may be interested in partnering with you as one of our tower partners. Tower partners may receive FREE top-tier internet for having a tower on their property if we can put our equipment on it.

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